Chart Talk takes pride in offering you the best in clinical software. Since 1999, Chart Talk has been a leader in the software industry, bringing together the daily clinical functions of scheduling and billing along with state of the art features including an Interactive Patient Portal, Automatic Appointment Reminders, and Quality Assessments Tools. All of this plus Chart Talk Speech Recognition, the ONLY complete practice management software with customizable voice dictation ability.



Billing 3
  • ChartTalk Electronic Billing submits multiple claims in seconds
  • Secure/Direct FTP connection with clearinghouse
  • Financial Reporting by practice and provider
  • Manage receivables on a claim by claim basis
  • Patient statements are available individually or by group.


  • Multiple views
  • Integrated automatic appointment reminders
  • Configurable provider and clinic settings

Patient Portal

Patient Portal 2
  • Direct integration with ChartTalk
  • Secure messaging from Patient Portal to staff
  • Integrated with electronic documentation/paperless office
  • Available on any web-enabled device, 24/7

Data Analysis

Analyze data across multiple markers. Here you see the Average scores at 0, 30, 60, and 90 days for patients with Low Back Pain.

Analyze data across multiple markers. Here you see the Average scores at 0, 30, 60, and 90 days for patients with Low Back Pain.

Clinical data analysis and reporting will be critical to healthcare providers in the near future. Chart Talk Cloud is a platform versatile enough to implement multiple types of scored studies electronically to capture and analyze your patient data. Reporting is simple from our reporting tool, we have the ability to roll out reports and have them available to you without updating your software. Tying all of your data together is simple with the Chart Talk Cloud platform. Comparing functional data with diagnosis, clinical procedures, and cost of care is finally available through one interface, Chart Talk Cloud.


Chart Talk Speech Recognition

Chart Talk Speech Recognition
Cloud speech recognition addresses issues desktop systems cannot
Chart Talk SR is a direct replacement for any medical speech recognition software that you are currently using. The benefits over installed applications include: availability on any computer without onerous software installation and configuration, iOS and Android devices can double as microphones without needing to connect by Bluetooth, low monthly pricing instead of expensive annual or bi-annual software upgrade.

Who benefits?

Clinical ValueProvidersIT StaffTranscriptionists
Chart Talk SR solves many issues that have haunted medical speech recognition software until now. Availablity and Vulnerability issues can cause many headaches and calls to IT. Chart Talk SR is hosted, backed up and monitored on our servers so your software will never confilct with Windows updates, firewall, or anti-virus software.
Chart Talk SR users access their custom voice profile, shortcuts, templates, and vocabulary from any PC or Mac, any time, any where with internet access.Chart Talk SR is available for any EHR, anywhere you are.

Managing licenses, software installations and upgrades is a thing of the past. Any provider can access their voice profile from and java enabled workstation: Mac or PC.

A central account can monitor and identify users that would benefit from additional training. Many different vocabularies are available for over 25 specialties.

Now there is a platform that will gather all audio files of a providers dictation and allow a transcriptionist or correctionist to listen and correct dictations. This platform does not require 36 hours of configuration like other platforms. You can drastically reduce the amount of work that needs to be done by your transcription department. If you are paying per line or for a full time transcription staff, Chart Talk SR can help streamline your processes to free up valuable resources for other clinical requirements.