Billing Tools

Chart Talk's toolbox for the billing professional is comprehensive and intuitive. Our cloud architecture allows either onsite staff or contracted billing professionals to access your system, submit and track claims, run reports, and apply payments with ease. Our process driven workflow allows everyone on your team to do their job, and move along without needing to coordinate at every step.

Processing Charges

Easily review and edit any claim prior to submission. Processing charges is simple, when an appointment is marked complete all diagnosis, services & products, and patient information is compiled based on the DOS. A draft of the claim is created and queued for review and processed in batch. If a charge is inaccurate or missing data, the DOS can be updated to ensure compliance between the documentation and the claim as this stage.

Reviewing and Submitting Claims

Chart Talk was built with electronic claims in mind. You might be waiting six weeks to receive payment for paper claims. Submitting claims electronically through Chart Talk, it is not uncommon to see payments deposited into your bank account within four days of submission.

Applying Payments

Entering an insurance check, auto posting electronic remits, and accepting payments from patients could not be simpler. Enter payments individually, in batches, or apply electronic remits with just one click! Chart Talk sets the bar for speed, efficiency, accuracy and intuitive design for practice management software.

Claim Editor

In the instances where a claim is rejected by the payer or clearinghouse, Chart Talk Claim Editor allows you to make the necessary claim adjustments and resubmit. Chart Talk claim editor preserves the continuity of information from claim to claim.


Documentation, scheduling, and billing has never been simpler. Providers can use built in SMART commands along with voice recognition features to create comprehensive documentation in seconds. Chart Talk reporting gives you a comprehensive look at your production and receivables without installing any software.

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Office Staff

With Chart Talk you can schedule, check-in, check-out, and print documentation quickly and cleanly. The intuitive workflow of Chart Talk let's office staff work in tandem with providers and billing staff to get the job done!

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Business Manager

At the end of the day you need an accurate overview of money coming into your clinic as well as the revenue pipeline for insurance claims submitted.  Chart Talk offers many financial reports to see the aging status of your receivables.

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