Mighty Oak technology have been experts in speech recognition since 1999.  We customize your speech recognition program to include your own vocabulary, your shortcuts, and your terminology. 

We also provide training and support for streamlining the workflow of your documentation faster than ever.  With a little practice, doctors can create very detailed patient notes and documents in seconds.

Your patient’s story doesn’t have to be captured at your workstation. It can begin during the appointment, get amended in your office and finished at home No matter which device you use, every word is consistently recorded and updated instantly into the patients visit. You can access your documentation anywhere, any place, anytime. Just as long as you have an internet connection. 

By capturing the details with verbal dictation, you not only end up with better quality documentation, but providers have more time to spend on what matters most, the patients. 

Help eliminate human error. Chart Talk was founded on the idea that the providers own words provide the most accurate, most succinct, and most legally defensible story of the patient encounter.1


Fully Customizable

Now you can employ speech recognition software that understands the Chiropractor’s daily language and specialty terminology with accuracy. Optimize your workflow with custom configurations that support the unique process of clinical dictation in a Chiropractic setting.

Save Time!

Shorten the time you spend on patient documentation. This accelerated pace allows you to improve patient care, boost provider satisfaction, and speed your revenue recognition. See for  yourself. Schedule a demo today!

Improve Documentation

Improve patient documentation.  Having complete and comprehensive documentation means better patient care. Input a thorough plan of care within the patient record without typing, its hands-free creation of more complete clinical records

See a Demo

Video of speech Recognition demo