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Save on security, maintenance, IT, and hardware costs
The decision to remove hardware issues, have a dedicated IT staff, and total security and encryption of sensitive data is the first step in understanding what the cloud does for you. Think about the time and money that you would save if you could pick up any web enabled device such as a tablet, smart phone, or computer to log into your secure account and have the same experience across all platforms. You would never have to install software, worry about two programs interfering with each other, or losing data.

The cloud is a secure platform that you can access with any web enabled device. When you subscribe to our cloud services you are leaving the world where you are responsible for data security and management. You get a team of IT professionals, database administrators, and Healthcare IT experts working for you 24/7. Moving your clinical services to Chart Talk Hosted Services lets you plan your annual IT budget accurately. Minimizing the amount of ‘unforeseen circumstances’ that leave you scrambling at the last minute.