Provider Tools


Chart Talk was built on the idea that the best, most accurate, and most succinct way to to document the patient encounter is with your own words. Chart Talk works with industry leading speech recognition software to provide the most intuitive interface possible. That documentation also integrates seamlessly into your practice’s workflow, syncing with patient entered information from check-ins and outcome assessments, and making compliance as convenient as it is easy. Chart Talk comes with many useful templates and lets your clinic modify them or create your own templates specific to your clinic and provider needs.

Data Entry/Recall

Entering data into Chart Talk is simple and easy. Chart Talk has grouped information and forms so entering and retrieving is intuitive for all user roles. You can enter vitals, medications, allergies and import that information into patient documentation with the click of a button.


Chart Talk comes with tons of reports accessible from any device. Access aging payments, practice analysis, patient statements and ledgers along with today's visits, patient review, and quality reporting. Access to reports can be limited by user roles so staff only sees what is necessary for their job.


You will be amazed at the time you save because of the Chart Talk's intuitive design.Chart Talk navigation is simple and organized into 3 Main dashboards. Dashboards group pertinent information and provide one-click navigation to your most essential functions: Patient information, documentation, secure messaging, and reports.