Office Staff


Chart talk users helped design the way you work with the software. Hundreds of professionals have taken their time to suggest features and functions that would make their lives easier. What has resulted is a system very in tune with the specific demands of chiropractic office staff. We listen to your suggestions and thake them as opportunities to make the best software out there even better!

Chart Talk navigation is simple and organized into 3 Main dashboards. 

The Main Dashboard- Also known as "My Office" has tools for the logged in user. When open, shows immediate upcoming scheduled appointments, assigned documents, unread messages and patient requests. The main dashboard provides one-click navigation to an overview of the patient and to the screen to document the patient encounter, diagnosis, and services performed.

The Clinic Dashboard
- An easy to read grid view of the daily appointments shows if documentation has been created and if an appointment has been billed.You can easily view the day's patients and quickly identify which patients have already arrived and checked in. Filtering the dashboard by provider let's you see only a specific provider appointments for the day and let's make sure past appointments have been processed. Chart Talks highly functional Clinic Dashboard makes it simple to track and manage the patient flow process from check-in to check-out. 

The Patient Dashboard- Chart Talk patient dashboard gives a quick overview of the patient: upcoming and past appointments, active problem list, graphs of functional outcomes


Chart Talks Clinic Schedule makes it fast and easy to schedule patient appointments. The calendar is completely customizable and can be arranged to show however is most useful to your clinic. Easily change colors, default appointment lengths and time blocks. Instantly view appointment details by just hovering your mouse over an appointment. Quickly toggle back-and-forth between day, week and month views. You can even  establish repeating appointments for a patient effortlessly. 

Data Entry

Entering data into Chart Talk is simple and easy. Chart Talk has grouped information and forms so entering and retrieving is intuitive for all user roles. You can enter vitals, medications, allergies and import that information into patient documentation with the click of a button.


Updating configuration for patient preferred appointment time, clinic and provider hours, schedule display, and claims is a snap with Chart Talk. All controls are grouped by function so they are easy to find and understand. 


Documentation, scheduling, and billing has never been simpler. Providers can use built in SMART commands along with voice recognition features to create comprehensive documentation in seconds. Chart Talk reporting gives you a comprehensive look at your production and receivables without installing any software.

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Business Manager

At the end of the day you need an accurate overview of money coming into your clinic as well as the revenue pipeline for insurance claims submitted.  Chart Talk offers many financial reports to see the aging status of your receivables.

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Billing Staff

Chart Talk offers a bevy of tools for the billing professional. Whether billing staff works on-site at your clinic or is contracted, Chart Talk's cloud allows secure access from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world!

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