Electronic billing saves time and money, leading to fewer rejected claims and less reliance on billing personnel. With Chart Talk you will be able to auto-post payments to the proper accounts, check the status of your claims quickly and easily, generate billing statements, clinic reports and so much more!

Get Paid Quicker

With Chart Talk automatically receive electronic data interchange (EDI) version of your insurance payment explanations. It provides details about providers' claims payment, and if the claims are denied, it would then contain the required explanations.



Submit Claims at NO cost

Submitted claims are generated into a single text file. This file gets uploaded to a clearinghouse and sent on to insurance companies. Chart Talk works with  multiple clearinghouses, some of which can be used for no cost.




Quick and Easy

Click once on the Submit Claims button, and you are done. You can submit in batches or individual claims. Automate redundant tasks while minimizing rejected claims.