Financial Overview

Chart Talk is aware how important managing your business is . That's why we've spent a lot of time gathering information from providers and creating reports requested by them. Together we have designed the perfect reports to get you the information you need.

We have everything you could need from:

  • Detailed day sheets
  • Aged accounts receivable, both patient and insurance
  • Patient ledgers
  • Practice analysis 
  • Itemized statements

Outstanding Claims

Get Paid for the work you've already done!

It is easier than ever to work on outstanding claims. Chart Talk arranges claims aging reports by 30-60 days, 60-90 days, and 91+. Keeping track of these outstanding claims can even be filtered by specific patient, provider or by payer.

Audit Log

The audit log allows you to track several types of activities. The log tracks changes, additions, and deletions of specified  data. You can run the audit log for all activity or a selected patient. Filters can be applied to show the changes made by a specific  staff member and date range. 


Documentation, scheduling, and billing has never been simpler. Providers can use built in SMART commands along with voice recognition features to create comprehensive documentation in seconds. Chart Talk reporting gives you a comprehensive look at your production and receivables without installing any software.

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Office staff

With Chart Talk you can schedule, check-in, check-out, and print documentation quickly and cleanly. The intuitive workflow of Chart Talk let's office staff work in tandem with providers and billing staff to get the job done!

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Billing Staff

Chart Talk offers a bevy of tools for the billing professional. Whether billing staff works on-site at your clinic or is contracted, Chart Talk's cloud allows secure access from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world!

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