With all Participants working together using Chart Talk’s one of a kind features, the benefits are unimaginable. Enhance your workflow, and your patient clinical experience along with reducing your IT cost and enhancing the security of your data. Let us help your clinic get started on a path of success.



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  • 17 years of experience listening to our clients to create the software that they dream of
  • Responsive software design lets you use ChartTalk on any web enabled device
  • Processes developed to gather information and put it where you need it, when you need it

Reduce IT Cost

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Save Time

  • No more managing license keys or software
  • No more downtime due to hardware issues
  • No playing middle man between various software vendors
  • No more software installation


Save Money

  • No need to pay an outside IT company for backups, server security and encryption and other high level IT functions
  • No need to buy new servers or keep them updated



Eliminate Barriers to Patient Engagement

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  • Meaningful Use requires measurable patient engagement
  • Automate patient engagement with ChartTalk Appointment Reminders
  • Eliminate cumbersome interfaces and additional cost, because ChartTalk Patient Portal is an integrated feature of ChartTalk


Secure EHR Login for your patients
  • No data on your system or devices, ever
  • Encrypted connections provided through all web portals
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Software vigilantly updated
  • Full backups of all databases are taken daily
  • All servers replicated in case of any critical circumstances
  • Servers monitored and updated accordingly
  • Physical Safeguards:
    • Gated entrance
    • Traffic bollards
    • Digital video surveillance
    • Onsite guard staff
    • Onsite operations staff
    • Electronic Mantraps
    • Biometric screening